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Yiannis Kourtoglou was Born in 1981 in Xanthi, Greece. He initially studied Business Administration in Tourism but after working in the hotel industry for several years, he found that line of work to be frustrating and longed for a more stimulating and inspiring path. Kourtoglou had always had a keen interest in photography, and in 2009, he decided to get more involved in it and started attending photography seminars at the Stereosis photographic centre in Thessaloniki, Greece, which is where his passion for photography really started to blossom. Engaging his creativity through photography and acquiring the ability to document the reality of people and of life, in the immediate way in which photography makes possible, thrilled him. He felt privileged to be able to stand as a witness to peoples lives and to all kinds of events, without actually intervening, but rather, viewing and capturing from the vantage point of a compassionate viewer. This deeply interested Kourtoglou and lead him to gradually focus all his attention and energy on his photographic work. Since 2010, he devoted himself exclusively to the discipline, taking photographs in a variety of contexts and situations while also working at a local news agency  covering regional events. In 2012, Kourtoglou moved to Cyprus where he began collaborating with prominent international news agencies such as AFP(Agence France Press) & Reuters among others while continuing to pursue his personal photographic activity. His photos have been published in several newspapers and magazines around the world.Available for assignments

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